Media Mentions

 TV, Radio​ and Podcasts

  • (2020) 046 Dr. Ofir Turel: Social Media and the Brain, Critically Speaking (Apple Podcast), Therese Markow, March 2020

  • (2020) Will Hiding the Popularity of Instagram Posts Make Us Less Depressed? (18:04), BYU Radio (Sirius XM Radio), Top of Mind with Julie Rose, Jan. 23, Audio Link

  • (2019) News Focus: Psychological impacts of social media, This Morning Show, tBS eFM (101.3 MhZ), Seoul, Korea  

  • (2016) Your brain on likes: The science of oversharing online, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), Out in the Open with Piya Chattopadhyay, May 28.  Text (audio)

  • (2016) Facebook Has Similar Effect on Your Brain as Cocaine, Sputnik Radio, Moscow,Feb., 20, Text

  • (2015) Facebook Addiction, BYU Radio (Sirius XM Radio), Top of Mind with Julie Rose, April 28, Text and Audio Link

  • (2013) Morning Show (TV), Interview on cellphone addiction, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Link to NHK

 Newspapers, Magazines, Websites and Blogs​


  • (2020) Perché i social network creano dipendenza? (Why are social networks addictive?), La Stampa (italy), Feb. 24, 2020

  • (2020) Why Do We Ache for Virality?,, Jan. 22, 2020





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